How To Improve Gaming Graphics in Any Android Phone (Without Root)

Hello!! Guys today’s post is something special, Today we are going to discuss how to improve the gaming graphics of your android phone without root. This is a very simple method to Improve Gaming Graphics settings in your phone. This method doesn’t requires rooting your device as in this method you don’t need to access the android system files. With some steps you are able to increase the graphic settings in your android powered phone. Actually by default in many phones this settings is disabled due to battery drainage problem as enabling this settings render you GPU into highly recommended settings which increase gaming graphic. Improve Gaming Graphics

Before Enabling This Settings You Should Know

If you enable this settings it will force your GPU to give higher performance that make your phone overheated.

This can be a cause of battery draining (Improve Gaming Graphics)

Proceed At Your Own Risk

(Improve Gaming Graphics)

How to Increase Gaming Graphics in Any Android Phone

Step1: Enable the developers option if you don’t know how to do that just go to settings>>About Phone>>tap build number 7-8 times till the message pops out you’r now a developer.(Improve Gaming Graphics_

Step2: Open The Developers Option (setings>>developer option)

Step3: Locate Force 4x MSAA 

Step4: Enable it


Hope you find this article helpful Thank You!! For reading keep visiting us for such exciting things (Improve Gaming Graphics)

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