Which is Better Samsung Galaxy J7 Max or J7 pro [India]

Hey there folks today we are going to tell you the specifications, features, release date, comparison between the Samsung Galaxy J7 pro & J7 max. We will tell you which is the best one based on their features and specs. Samsung releases new phones in a time period of some 8-9 months but this time samsung is releasing its new device after a year. Samsung users must have eagerly wait for the new samsung device to be released and now they are here. J7 series of samsung considered to be the most popular series launched by samsung ever but still samsung remains in no change. We have gathered some Key specifications about the two new devices Samsung Galaxy J7 pro & J7 max below in the Table consider that. samsung galaxy j7 max j7 pro

Author’s View

Now that you have read all the specifications about the phone i want to tell you my views about the two devices released by samsung which are Samsung Galaxy J7 pro & J7 max. Samsung Galaxy J7 pro & J7 max are both good devices but considering the fact that Galaxy J7 pro is bit higher in price than Galaxy J7 max its not worthy but then if you look upon the specifications other than ram has some extra key features than that of J7 max. If you are a Samsung lover than i consider you to choose Samsung Galaxy J7 pro over J7 max. Other than that i personally don’t recommend you to buy any of these models because i think many companies in the market offer better than that in this price but Again if you love the samsung product then you should prefer galaxy J7 Pro over samsung Galaxy J7 max. You have to wait for the release of Samsung Galaxy J7 pro as it may release in the mid of july 2017 but The Samsung Galaxy J7 max is out for sale. Wait for the samsung galaxy j7 pro release and then buy that one. samsung galaxy j7 max j7 pro

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